what is susan collins net worth

What is the net worth of Angus King?

As of 2018 King’s net worth, according to OpenSecrets.org, was more than $9.4 million.

What did Susan Collins do before she was a senator?

She was the first female major-party nominee for the post, finishing third in a four-way race with 23% of the vote. After her bid for governor in 1994, she became the founding director of the Center for Family Business at Husson University in Bangor, Maine. Collins was first elected to the U.S. Senate in 1996.

Who is Alaska Senator?

The state’s current senators are Republicans Lisa Murkowski (serving since 2002) and Dan Sullivan (serving since 2015). A total of eight people have represented Alaska in the U.S. Senate.

Where did Susan Collins go to high school?

St. Lawrence University1975Caribou Performing Arts Center

Who is Maine senator?

Susan Collins (Republican Party)Angus KingSince 2013

Who is Mary Herman?

Mary J. Herman serves on the University of New England Board and is a former member of the Maine Women’s Lobby and Safe Passage boards. After graduating college in the Midwest, she moved east, first to teach in Washington, DC, then to attend graduate school in Boston.

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How do I contact Angus King?

Here you will find contact information for Senator Angus King, including his email address, phone number, and mailing address….Contact Senator Angus King (I-ME)Name:Angus S. King, Jr.Mailing Address:133 Hart Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510Phone Number:(202) 224-53447 more rows

Who is the independent senator?

List of third-party and independent United States senatorsNameStateTime in officeDean BarkleyMinnesota2002–2003Bernie SandersVermont2007–PresentJoe LiebermanConnecticut1989–2013Angus KingMaine2013–Present47 more rows

Is Roger Wicker still a senator?

Pontotoc, Mississippi, U.S. Roger Frederick Wicker (born July 5, 1951) is an American attorney and politician serving as the senior United States senator from Mississippi, in office since 2007. … Wicker served as chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee from 2015 to 2017 and is a deputy Republican whip.

How long has Susan Collins been in politics?

Susan Collins is a Republican senator from Maine who has served since 1997. Collins is a self-described “moderate Republican”. She has occasionally been referred to as a “liberal Republican” relative to her colleagues. In 2013, the National Journal gave Collins a score of 55% conservative and 45% liberal.

Does Susan Collins have siblings?

Nancy CollinsKathleen WiesendangerGregg CollinsSam CollinsMichael Collins

Is Ketchikan an island?

Having a population of approximately 14,000 residents, Ketchikan is located on Revillagigedo Island approximately 679 air miles north of Seattle, Washington, and is accessible only by air or boat.

How many House Reps Does Alaska have?

Alaska House of RepresentativesStructureSeats40Political groupsMajority coalition caucus (21) Democratic (15) Coalition Republican (2) Independent (4) Republican caucus (18) Republican (18) Other (1) Non-caucusing Republican (1)Length of term2 years24 more rows

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How many senators does New York have?

Kirsten Gillibrand (Democratic Party)Chuck Schumer (Democratic Party)

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