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Why did Trevor Baylis make the wind-up radio?

Trevor Graham Baylis CBE (13 May 1937 – 5 March 2018) was an English inventor best known for the wind-up radio. … Baylis invented it in response to the need to communicate information about AIDS to the “people of Africa”.

What happened to the wind-up radio?

The inventor of the wind-up radio, Trevor Baylis, has died aged 80, the manager of his company has confirmed. David Bunting said Mr Baylis from Twickenham, south-west London, died on Monday of natural causes after a long illness.5 Mar 2018

When did Trevor Baylis receive his knighthood?

Bayliss was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the 2020 New Year Honours for services to cricket.

What is the best wind-up radio?

The 4 Best Wind Up Radios for Emergency and Outdoor Use in 2021Kaito KA500 Radio (powered with solar power and wind up dynamo) with flashlight, reading lamp and cellphone charger. … RunningSnail Hand Crank AM/FM NOAA Radio with LED flashlight and 1000mAh Power Bank for cellphone charging.More items…

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What inspired Trevor Baylis to become an inventor?

Baylis was inspired to create his most well-known invention in 1989 when he saw a television program about the spread of AIDS in Africa. … Baylis began experimenting with a small transistor radio, an electric motor taken from a toy car, and a hand brace.

How long does a wind up radio last?

Fully charged, the radio will last up to a day, 1 minute of winding provides 20 minutes of play time. Once fully charged via USB port, the radio will play for up to 7 hours.

What materials is a wind up radio made of?

The radio is equipped with three different energy supply facilities: a carbon steel spring and generator, a solar panel and a built-in NiMH rechargeable battery. The carbon steel spring stores energy created by winding the handle.

How does a clockwork radio work?

In a clockwork radio, how it works is a little different. You’re still spinning rotors, but the energy is converted from mechanical energy in a winding mechanism, which you power through your hand. As you turn a crank, a copper rotor turns inside the machine, creating a magnetic field.

Who invented the windup torch?

We believe in the free flow of information Trevor Baylis, who has died aged 80, left his school in London at 15 without any qualifications. But he went on to become a physical training instructor, an engineer, a stuntman and, at 45, a full-time inventor, eventually finding fame for developing the wind-up radio.7 Mar 2018

Why is a wind-up radio useful in remote areas of the world?

It enabled those in remote areas without electricity, or access to batteries, to get the information that could save their lives.6 Mar 2018

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Do wind up radios need batteries?

A wind-up radio is a compact and simple device that doesn’t need batteries or access to an electrical outlet to play music. … Like any electrical appliance, radios require electricity to run.

How was the wind-up radio made?

A: A wind up radio relies on the spinning of rotors within an electromagnetic field to generate electricity. The crank, powered by hand motion, causes a magnet to turn within a field to send electricity into the various crucial components of the radio.

What is the input energy for wind-up radio?

As the spring unwinds the potential energy creates movement, or kinetic energy. The kinetic energy is converted by the generator into electrical energy, which powers the radio. The world’s first wind-up radio was born.

How old is Trevor Bayliss?

Bayliss, 59, remains hugely popular among the large New South Wales faction of the Australia dressing room from his two previous spells coaching the state side – most recently 2013 to 2015 – and also has strong links with its most prominent member, Cummins, through Penrith Cricket Club.

What’s the best emergency radio?

Best emergency radios 2022Best overall: The Midland – ER310, Emergency Crank Weather AM/FM Radio.Best value: RunningSnail MD-088P.Best portability: FosPower Emergency Radio.Best alert system: American Red Cross emergency weather radio.Best power options: Kaito KA500 5-way Powered Solar Power Weather Alert Radio.

How do you charge a snail radio?

To charge the radio, insert the supplied USB cable into the USB power source. Plus the Micro USB connector into the input port on the side of the radio. The charging indicator will flash red as the battery charges. It takes 4.5 hours for the internal 18650 2000mAh LI-ION battery to be fully charged.

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What is the best hand crank radio?

Best hand-crank radios under $50Kaito KA500 Weather Alert Radio. $50. … Kaito KA340 Weather Alert Radio. $35. … Running Snail Emergency Weather Alert Radio. $46. … Midland ER210 Weather Alert Radio. $50. … Eton American Red Cross FRX3+ Emergency NOAA Weather Radio. $47. … Kaito KA700 Bluetooth Weather Alert Radio. … Kaito Voyager Max KA900.

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