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What was Tennessee Ernie Ford’s net worth when he died?

Tennessee Ernie WikiFull NameTennessee Ernie FordNet Worth$9 MillionDate Of BirthFebruary 13, 1919DiedOctober 17, 1991, Reston, Virginia, United StatesPlace Of BirthBristol, Tennessee, USA7 more rows

What happened to Tennessee Ernie Ford?

Tennessee Ernie Ford, 72, the country and western singer who was best known for his recordings of gospel hymns and the coal mining ballad “Sixteen Tons,” died of liver ailments Oct. 17 at Reston Hospital. He was taken ill at Dulles International Airport Sept.

Who was Tennessee Ernie Ford’s son?

Jeffrey Buckner FordBrion Leonard Ford

How old was Tennessee Ernie Ford when he died?

Tennessee Ernie Ford, the homespun television host and country and Western crooner whose 1955 recording of “16 Tons” became one of the biggest-selling records of all time, died yesterday at H. C. A. Reston (Va.) Hospital Center. He was 72 years old and lived in Portola Valley, near Palo Alto, Calif.

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Was Tennessee Ernie Ford married?

Beverly Wood Fordm. 1989–1991Betty Hemingerm. 1942–1989

Was Tennessee Ernie Ford a drinker?

Alcohol was the glue of show business, he said. Alcohol was his father’s vice and it gripped him, turning him into an alcoholic, for the 30 years that preceded his death, his son said. Ultimately, that’s what killed him and Betty, according to Buck’s book. Ford died of acute liver failure as a result of his alcoholism.

Was Tennessee Ernie Ford a bass?

Wikipedia. Ernest Jennings Ford (February 13, 1919 – October 17, 1991), known by the stage name Tennessee Ernie Ford, was an American singer and television host. Often recording country, pop and gospel music, Ford had a bass-baritone voice and also hosted his own primetime variety show, The Ford Show, from 1956-1961.

What year was Sixteen Tons released?

On October 17, 1991, Tennessee Ernie Ford passed away, leaving behind a wide-ranging and hugely significant musical legacy. It was also on October 17, this time in 1955, that one of Ford’s most important and well-known songs was released: “Sixteen Tons.

Who played Ernie Ford on I Love Lucy?

Cousin ErnieAppeared on:I Love LucyEpisodes appeared in:”Tennessee Ernie Visits” in Season 4″ Tennessee Ernie Hangs On” in Season 3 “Tennessee Bound” in Season 4Character played by:Tennessee Ernie Ford8 more rows

Was Tennessee Ernie Ford white or black?

Even as a kid, I found him captivating. A white singer, Ford was relaxed and spoke like a congenial good ol’ boy. You could hear the South in his deep voice. Everybody I was around was originally from the South, so Ford’s sound was familiar and comforting.

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Why was Sixteen Tons such a big hit song?

Tennessee Ernie Ford recorded “Sixteen Tons” in 1955 as the B-side of his cover of the Moon Mullican standard “You Don’t Have to Be a Baby to Cry”. With Ford’s snapping fingers and a unique clarinet-driven pop arrangement, it quickly became a million seller.

Why is it called 16 Tons?

According to Archie Green, author of Only A Miner: Studies in Recorded Coal-Mining Songs, the title refers to an old practice of initiating new miners by having them haul 16 tons, compared to the typical 8 to 10, on their first day. Ford’s version was used on the TV shows The Simpsons, Mad Men, and Chuck.

Who Covered 16 tons?

VersionsTitlePerformerRelease dateSixteen TonsMerle TravisJune 9, 1947Sixteen Tons”Tennessee” Ernie Ford with Orchestra conducted by Jack FascinatoOctober 17, 1955Sixteen TonsRed SovineNovember 1955Sixteen TonsMarvin & The ChirpsNovember 1955140 more rows

What church did Tennessee Ernie Ford go to?

Anderson Street United Methodist Church, which was attended by Tennessee Ernie Ford and his parentsfor many years, will conduct a special service, followed by a tour of their historical archives room including their Tennessee Ernie Ford collection. The church is located at 954 Anderson Street in Bristol, Tennessee.

Who wrote 16 tons?

The first, written by Bob Merrill and Terry Shand, was “You Don’t Have To Be A Baby To Cry,” a #10 country hit in 1950 for Ernest Tubb that had also been associated with Ford’s friend Moon Mullican; and the second was “16 Tons,” a 1946 coal mining song composed by Ford’s friend and fellow Capitol label-mate Merle …

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