sunbelt rentals net worth 2019

Who is Sunbelt Rentals owned by?

About Sunbelt Rentals Sunbelt Rentals, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ashtead Group plc, is the second largest equipment rental company in the U.S. Sunbelt Rentals provides equipment rental solutions for the industrial, construction, and municipal markets, plus the DIY market, from its national network of locations.

How many employees does Sunbelt Rentals have?

Sunbelt Rentals has a team that consists more than 10,000 employees. We believe that our employees are our greatest asset.

What is Sunbelt Rentals fiscal year?

Sunbelt Rentals posted $5,417.5 million in revenue in the United States for its full year fiscal 2021 ended April 30, compared to $5,489.9 million in fiscal 2020, a 1.3-percent decline. Its revenue increased in Canada, from CDN $420.7 million in fiscal 2020 to $500.9 million in fiscal 2021, a 19.1-percent hike.

How much does the CEO of Sunbelt Rentals make?

What is the salary of Brendan Horgan? As the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Executive Director, and Chief Executive – Sunbelt Rentals Inc of Ashtead Plc, the total compensation of Brendan Horgan at Ashtead Plc is GBX2,956,000. There are no executives at Ashtead Plc getting paid more.

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How many depots does Sunbelt Rentals have?

With over 200 depots across the UK, Ireland & Germany, we can support you with all of your project needs, wherever you are working.

Who are Sunbelt Rentals competitors?

Sunbelt Rentals competitors include United Rentals, Evoqua Water Technologies and BlueLine Rental.

How much is Sunbelt Rentals worth?

For the full fiscal year ended April 30, Sunbelt Rentals U.S. posted $5.49 billion in revenue compared to $4.98 billion a year ago, a 10% increase. Sunbelt Rentals has posted about $1.415 billion in fiscal fourth quarter 2020 revenue, up slightly from $1.387 billion in the fiscal fourth quarter of 2019.

What is United Rentals net worth?

In 2017, United Rentals’ revenue totaled more than $6.64 billion, with over $1.35 billion in profit….United Rentals.TypePublicNet incomeUS$890 million (2020)Total assetsUS$17.868 billion (2020)Total equityUS$4.545 billion (2020)Number of employees18,800 (2019)10 more rows

Is Sunbelt Rentals a public company?

Company History Sunbelt Rentals was founded in 1983 in Charlotte, North Carolina, as a small rental company for general construction equipment. In 1990, The Ashtead Group, a publicly traded company on the U.K. stock exchange, purchased Sunbelt Rentals.

How many people work for United Rentals?

The company’s approximately 18,500 employees serve construction and industrial customers, utilities, municipalities, homeowners and others. The company offers approximately 3,800 classes of equipment for rent with a total original cost of $14.18 billion.

Who is the largest equipment rental company?

In 2020, United Rentals, Herc Rentals, and WillScot were the largest equipment rental companies in the United States. In that year, United Rentals generated over 6.5 billion euros in rental revenue from its global operations.

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Who is the largest rental company in the world?

The largest global equipment rental companies in 2020, based on rental revenue (in million euros)CharacteristicRevenue in million eurosUnited Rentals (U.S)6,585Ashtead Group (UK)5,178Loxam (France)1,989Aggreko (UK)1,5176 more rows

What is Sunbelt company?

Sunbelt Rentals, Inc. provides equipment rental solutions. The Company offers aerial work platforms, ladders, air compressors, forklifts, specialty tools, generators, general construction, earth moving, concrete and masonry, landscape, climate control, and trench shoring equipments.

Who is the biggest hire company in the UK?

Sunbelt Rentals Ltd is currently the largest player in the market with 6.2% market share. Other notable companies are: Speedy Hire plc. HSS Hire Service Group Ltd.

Who did Sunbelt Rentals buy in Canada?

Ashtead plc, parent company of Sunbelt Rentals, has acquired William F. White International, Canada’s largest film, TV and digital production equipment rental business. Ashtead paid CDN $234 million (about U.S. $177 million) for the company.

What happens to a-plant hire?

The UK’s largest plant hirer A-Plant is rebranding under the Sunbelt Rentals banner from 1st May. The decisive rebrand comes as Wright takes over as CEO, having joined from Speedy Hire a year ago originally as A-Plant chief operating officer. …

How much do United Rentals sales reps make?

The average United Rentals Sales Rep earns an estimated $155,673 annually, which includes an estimated base salary of $92,406 with a $63,267 bonus. United Rentals’ Sales Rep compensation is $45,268 more than the US average for a Sales Rep. Sales Rep salaries at United Rentals can range from $46,000 – $340,000.

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