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Was MC Gainey in the walking dead?

Gainey is an American actor who portrayed a walker in Season 5 of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Who is the limo driver in the Mighty Ducks?

M. C. GaineyBornMichael Connor Gainey January 18, 1948 Jackson, Mississippi, U.S.Other namesM.C. Gainey, Mike Connor Gainey, Michael Connor GaineyOccupationActorYears active1954–present2 more rows

Who plays Tom Friendly on Lost?

“Lost” Live Together, Die Alone (TV Episode 2006) – M.C. Gainey as Tom Friendly – IMDb.

Who plays Zeke Lost?

Tom Friendly, often referred to as Tom, Mr. Friendly, or Zeke by Sawyer is a fictional character portrayed by M. C. Gainey on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) television series Lost. The series follows the lives of around forty survivors from the crash of Oceanic Flight 815.

Who is the most successful actor from The Walking Dead?

With the most episodes of any cast member (and arguably the greatest fan base), Norman Reedus has earned millions as Daryl on “The Walking Dead.” He has a bunch of other action projects to his name, including “Blade II” and “The Boondock Saints,” and he has even starred in the video game “Death Stranding.

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What are the zombie actors eating in walking dead?

9. The zombies are eating ham. Instead of chowing down on long pig, the actors playing walkers wrap their lips around juicy bits of ham. They used to get barbecue sauce to help it go down, but the vinegar messed up their make-up, so now it’s just ham with fake blood all over it.

Is Rob Zombie in The Walking Dead?

‘Walking Dead’s’ Robert Kirkman, Rob Zombie Reveal the Grossest Thing They’ve Ever Seen Onscreen.

Does Emilio Estevez actually ice skate?

‘ So, for three weeks before I went to Minnesota, I trained and learned how to skate at least so that I didn’t fall and make a fool of myself.” Did the training keep the kids of The Mighty Ducks cast from making fun of Estevez? “They still made fun of me,” said Estevez laughing.

Why is Emilio Estevez hardly in D3?

Estevez cut a deal with Disney for D3: The Mighty Ducks; he would play a small role in exchange for the studio financing The War At Home. This meant he got no fee for his appearance in The Mighty Ducks’ third outing, but the studio provided The War At Home’s entire $3 million budget instead.4 Nov 2021

Who was originally cast as Adam Banks in Mighty Ducks?

Here’s every cameo in The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers.Matt Doherty As Lester Averman. … Garette Ratliff Henson As Guy Germaine. … Elden Henson As Fulton Reed. … Vincent LaRusso As Adam Banks. … Marguerite Moreau As Connie Moreau. … Justin Wong As Kenny Wu.

How did Sawyer know Zeke’s name?

“Tom” is also the alias given to Christian by Ana Lucia in “Two for the Road”. He calls her “Sarah.” In “The Hunting Party”, Sawyer calls Tom “Zeke.” In the film The Wizard of Oz, “Zeke” is the name of one of the farmhands who worked for Dorothy’s uncle, Henry Gale. The name was used as Ben’s alias.

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Who kills Tom friendly?

Tom wished to shoot the three men in retaliation, but Ben ordered him to keep them alive. A rescue mission was mounted by several of the survivors and, after it succeeded, Tom was left the only Other alive who took part in the raid. Despite being unarmed, Sawyer shot and killed Tom for taking Walt off the raft.

Who plays brittle?

M.C. Gainey To Play Big John Brittle In Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’4 Oct 2011

Who plays Liam Lost?

Neil Hopkins (I) Neil is best known for his recurring role on “Lost”, playing Liam, the heroin-addicted rockstar …

Who is Eddie on Lost?

Justin ChatwinBornOctober 31, 1982 Nanaimo, British Columbia, CanadaAlma materUniversity of British ColumbiaOccupationActorYears active2001–present1 more row

Who plays Morpheus in Once Upon a Time?

Once Upon a Time has tapped 24 alum Giles Matthey to play Morpheus in season 6, EW has learned exclusively.

What was Andrew Lincoln paid per episode?

TV and streaming salaries per episodeNameProgramSalaryAlexis BledelGilmore Girls: A Year in the Life$750,000Bryan CranstonYour Honor$750,000Hugh LaurieHouse$700,000Andrew LincolnThe Walking Dead$650,00050 more rows

How much do Walking Dead extras get paid?

“Hero [featured] zombies are paid [$88 for eight hours], then $11 for each hour after. You’d also get a $50 stunt bump if you did a stunt, which I got for falling.”

How much money did Chandler Riggs make on The Walking Dead?

In 2010, the ten-year-old Riggs was cast as Carl Grimes in “The Walking Dead.” This would prove to be a career-defining moment for his career, and it remains his best-known role….Chandler Riggs Net Worth.Net Worth:$8 MillionSalary:$100 Thousand Per EpisodeDate of Birth:Jun 27, 1999 (22 years old)Gender:MaleHeight:5 ft 4 in (1.63 m)2 more rows

What does The Walking Dead use for guts?

15 The Guts They Eat Are Made from Pickled Ham It’s actually something far more disgusting – hams soaked in vinegar. Originally they were covered in barbecue sauce, but when that kept ruining their makeup, so the hams were plunged into a huge vat of vinegar to give it a nice oozy sheen.

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Are the walkers getting smarter?

FACT. They are becoming slower and more brain-dead (which is also shown in the title screen – as the seasons go on, it becomes darker and dirtier) so the reason that they could seem smarter in season 1, is because they were fresher and had more food to keep them alive.

Do walkers poop?

Thus, even with a sick brain the zombies would most likely have normal excretory habits, albeit without the conscious sphincter control (CNS) exhibited by most of us living folk. Your answer, then, is yes. Zombies poop. The probably also pee.

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