john hughes kristen welker net worth

How much does Kristen Welker earn?

Welker has amassed a $3million net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The journalist’s yearly salary is believed to be more than $100,000.

What does John Welker do for a living?

Kristen and John, a marketing executive with Merck, a pharmaceutical company that is based in N.J, started dating in 2014.

What is Dylan Dreyer salary?

Dylan Dreyer Net WorthNet Worth:$4 MillionSalary:$2 MillionDate of Birth:Aug 2, 1981 (40 years old)

What is Hallie salary?

Hallie Jackson has a salary of around $201,000 per year which is way more than what most average employees earn as she is one of the older employees at the company she works for.

What did John Hughes died of?

John Hughes, who captured the zeitgeist of 1980s teen life as writer-director of “The Breakfast Club” and “Sixteen Candles” and produced and scripted family hits such as “Home Alone,” died Thursday of a heart attack in Manhattan while taking a walk. He was 59.

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What was John Hughes worth when he died?

John Hughes Net Worth: John Hughes was an American filmmaker, screenwriter, and director who had a net worth of $150 million at the time of his death in 2009….John Hughes Net Worth.Net Worth:$150 MillionProfession:Film director, Screenwriter, Film Producer, ActorNationality:United States of America2 more rows

What does Kristen Welker’s husband do for a job?

John Hughes, 47, is a marketing executive at Merck.

Where is John Hughes now?

John Wilden Hughes Jr. Most of Hughes’ work is set in the Chicago metropolitan area.

How much is Kristen Welker’s husband John Hughes worth?

John Hughes Wife Kristen Welker Net Worth/ Salary – $2.5 Million Dollars.

Does Kristen Welker have a child?

Kristen Welker welcomed her first child, daughter Margot Lane, with the help of a surrogate in June. Now, three months later, the NBC News chief White House correspondent is sharing her powerful birth story with Hoda Kotb.

Where does Kristen Welker live?

Welker, a native of Philadelphia, graduated cum laude from Harvard University with a Bachelor’s Degree in American history. She lives in Washington, D.C. with her husband John Hughes.

What is Savannah Guthrie salary?

Savannah Guthrie’s salary per year is $8 Million.

What is Craig Melvin’s salary?

Craig Melvin Today Show salary: Craig Melvin’s salary is $3 million per year….Craig Melvin Net Worth.Net Worth:$9 MillionSalary:$3 MillionDate of Birth:May 20, 1979 (42 years old)Place of Birth:Columbia, South Carolina, U.S.Profession:Journalist

What is Lester Holt salary?

Lester Holt is the anchor of NBC’s “Weekday Nightly News” and anchors “Dateline NBC”. He makes $4 million a year and has a net worth of $12 million. Holt was born in California in 1959 and majored in government at the University of California, Sacramento.

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What is Stephanie rules net worth?

Stephanie Ruhle Net Worth – $5 Million Dollars Stephanie Ruhle net worth is estimated around $5 Million Dollars.

Is Haley Jackson still married?

No, Hallie Jackson is currently not married to Doug Hitchner. The duo first met at Johns Hopkins University and later tied the knot in 2011, however, their marriage has ended.4 Oct 2021

What is Joy Reid salary?

What is Reid’s Salary at MSNBC? It is estimated that Reid makes $1.5million per year. Her net worth is about $7million.

What is the age of Lester Holt?

Lester Don Holt Jr. (born March 8, 1959) is an American journalist and news anchor for the weekday edition of NBC Nightly News and Dateline NBC.

How old is Savannah Guthrie Today show?

Savannah Clark Guthrie (born December 27, 1971) is an Australian-born American broadcast journalist and attorney. She is a main co-anchor of the NBC News morning show Today, a position she has held since July 2012.

What is John Hughes most famous movie?

The 14 Best John Hughes Films RankedHome Alone (1990, writer)Sixteen Candles (1984, writer/director) … Reach the Rock (1998, writer) … National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989, writer) … Mr. … Pretty in Pink (1986, writer) … Dutch (1991, writer) … Miracle on 34th Street (1994, writer) Twentieth Century Fox. … More items…

How long did it take John Hughes to write Home Alone?

The film was written in just over a week. John Hughes, who also wrote 1980s blockbusters like “The Breakfast Club,” “Pretty in Pink,” and “Sixteen Candles,” crafted the first draft of the screenplay for “Home Alone” in just nine days.

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Why did John Hughes quit making movies?

Why did John Hughes stop directing movies in the early 90’s? – Quora. By most accounts from those who knew him, it was a combination of 3 things: His personal hurt & anger after his teen film muse, Molly Ringwald, declined the part of Amanda in “Some Kind of Wonderful” to work with another director.

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