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Is Gerry cinnamon signed?

Gerard Crosbie (born 1 October 1984), professionally known as Gerry Cinnamon, is a Scottish singer-songwriter and acoustic guitarist….Gerry CinnamonInstrumentsVocals guitar harmonicaYears active2005–presentLabelsLittle Runaway Music GC MusicAssociated actsThe LaFontaines7 more rows

What is Gerry cinnamon doing now?

Gerry Cinnamon has announced a second Glasgow show as part of his 2022 UK tour. The Scottish singer-songwriter will hit the road next summer for a run of outdoor gigs, having wrapped up his 2021 arena dates last month.9 Nov 2021

How did Gerry Cinnamon get famous?

Gerry Cinnamon is a mystery to me. … The 35-year-old singer-songwriter from Castlemilk, born Gerard Crosbie, first gained notoriety performing his songs at an open mic night in his hometown. In 2017, he released his debut album Erratic Cinematic, funded through the PledgeMusic platform.6 Jan 2020

Does Gerry Cinnamon have a record deal?

He has won a massive following as he forges his way in the music industry without any major record label backing.

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Did Gerry Cinnamon take drugs?

Following some experience with cocaine, he began writing songs about his past experiences which he found came easy and has since poured them out in his songs. Gerry began a solo career and originally used the mononym, Cinnamon before adding is real first name.

Is Gerry Cinnamon Scottish?

Gerard Crosbie, or as we fondly know him, Gerry Cinnamon, is a Scottish singer-songwriter known for singing with his native accent and having particularly ‘honest’ lyrics. With hits such as ‘Sometimes’ and ‘Belter’, Gerry has proved incredibly popular since his debut album back in 2017.

Has Gerry Cinnamon been rescheduled?

Gerry Cinnamon Summer 2021 shows rescheduled to June 2022.

Who is Gerry cinnamon support 2021?

Who will be supporting Gerry Cinnamon? Indie quartet, Circa Waves, who formed in Liverpool are the concert’s one and only support act.

Will Gerry cinnamon at Hampden go ahead?

Fresh from his latest sold out UK tour, the biggest UK music tour of 2021, Gerry Cinnamon has announced a second night at Glasgow’s Hampden Park Stadium on 17th July 2022. … There are a range of VIP Hampden Hospitality experiences priced from £92pp + VAT.

Who is Gerry cinnamon support act?

Travis and Jake Bugg will support Gerry on the Sunday bill.5 Nov 2021

What age is Sam Fender?

A week later, the 27-year-old is still croaky of voice, and wrapped in a duvet as he Zooms the BBC from his bedroom in North Shields. The steroids have prolonged his cold, he explains, but he’s eager to talk about his new album, Seventeen Going Under.8 Oct 2021

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What do the crowd shout at Gerry Cinnamon?

After wryly sweet, fuzzed-up pop from the support act, Green Buzzard – AKA Sydney rocker Paddy Harrowsmith – the chanting begins: Cinnamon’s name to the tune of KC and the Sunshine Band’s Give it Up; and the less-melodic but to-the-point “Gerry! Gerry!11 Dec 2019

What type of harmonica does Gerry Cinnamon use?

Contact UsTweetSong Name:Kampfire VampireGerry CinnamonPosted By:cameron101BeginnerKey:CGeneralHarp Type:Diatonic3 more rows•24 Feb 2020

Is Castlemilk built on a volcano?

Whilst Edinburgh Castle is world-renowned, Glasgow doesn’t really have the medieval grandeur of a fortified volcano in its city centre. … Castlemilk (also known locally as Chateau Lait of course) on the other hand has, disappointingly, never housed a castle.2 Oct 2016

Why is Gerry Cinnamon named?

Born Gerard Crosbie in Glasgow in October 1984 and raised mostly in Castlemilk and mainly by his mother, Cinnamon’s stage name comes from The Cinnamons, the short-lived band he fronted in the late Noughties with friend and fellow Castlemilk boy Chris Marshall.

How long has Gerry Cinnamon been around?

Gerry Cinnamon, aka singer-songwriter Gerard Crosbie, was born in the Castlemilk area of Glasgow on October 1 1984. He first formed a band while at college in 2010 called The Cinnamons, which gave Crosbie his performer surname when he took to playing as a solo act around Glasgow.

What is Gerry Cinnamon best song?

Best Gerry Cinnamon Songs of All Time – Top 10 TracksSometimes.Belter.Where We’re Going.Ghost.Canter.What Have You Done.Sun Queen.Lullaby.More items…

Where in Castlemilk is Gerry Cinnamon from?

Gerry Cinnamon, real name Gerard Crosbie, is 35 years old and comes from the Castlemilk district of Glasgow.

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How did Gerry Cinnamon get into music?

How did he get into music? Gerry spent time living in London with his friend’s dad to avoid issues in his area. There he played the guitar and harmonica, as he found little else to do but play instruments and watch cricket. When he came back to Glasgow he began to play small gigs.

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