ben crane net worth

Is Ben Crane still playing golf?

Crane currently is one of four golfers in the PGA Tour exclusive boy band, “Golf Boys” – with Rickie Fowler, Bubba Watson, and Hunter Mahan.

Is Jim Furyk still playing professional golf?

James Michael Furyk (born May 12, 1970) is an American professional golfer who plays on the PGA Tour and the PGA Tour Champions….Jim FurykTurned professional1992Current tour(s)PGA Tour (joined 1994) PGA Tour Champions (joined 2020)Former tour(s)Nike TourProfessional wins2928 more rows

Who is Smiley in golf?

Smylie KaufmanPersonal informationFull nameCarter Smylie KaufmanBornNovember 30, 1991 Birmingham, AlabamaHeight6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)17 more rows

Who is the slowest golfer on tour?

Ben Crane is one of the slowest players to ever play on the PGA Tour, which makes it very difficult to watch him play.

How much does Fluff the Caddy make?

Today, it s estimated that Mike Cowan is worth around $1.5 million. He has earned almost all of his wealth by caddying some of the highest-profile names in golf. Still, you don’t reach $1.5 million just by being a good caddie. Longevity has a lot to do with Cowan’s considerable wealth.

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What is Fluff Cowan net worth?

“Fluff” Michael Thomas Cowan (born 1948) is a PGA Tour professional golf caddie. He’s a 37-year tour veteran and one of the most well-known caddies on the circuit….Mike Cowan Wiki.Net Worth$2 MillionNicknamesMike Cowan, Cowan, Mike3 more rows

How much money has Phil Mickelson won?

Mickelson won the PGA Championship in May 2021, becoming the oldest major winner in golf history at 50 and giving him six major titles in all. His career prize money total (over $94 million) leaves him behind only Tiger Woods in golf history.

What happened to golfer Smiley?

Smylie Kaufman’s season is over. The 26-year-old former PGA Tour winner told that he has filed with the tour for a medical extension, citing an inflamed left elbow that has plagued him for months. He last played at The Greenbrier in early July, where he withdrew following a 79 in the opening round.

Who is Preston Summerhays?

Preston Summerhays’ first PGA Tour start came in a major when he was 18 years old. Last fall at Winged Foot in Mamaroneck, New York, Summerhays reaped the benefits of his first U.S. Golf Association championship.

Who is the most disliked golfer?

Consider this, via Golf Today: “Rory Sabbatini is the most hated man in golf. So says the result of a survey by Sports Illustrated in which 25 percent of pros polled named the 32-year-old South African as their least favorite playing partner.”

Can PGA golfers drink alcohol while playing?

It does appear to be frowned on in general. Tour pros are routinely drug tested, and while a BAL > 0 is not a disqualifier, it tends to make the news when a golfer admits they had a drink prior to or during a round. Some notable course lushes include John Daly, Rocco Mediate and Erik Compton.

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Who is the biggest douchebag on the PGA Tour?

Ranking The The PGA TOUR’s Biggest DouchebagsBubba Watson (Douchebag Score: 97.2)Patrick Reed (Douchebag Score: 92.6/100)Robert Allenby (Douchebag Ranking: 90)Rory Sabbatini (Douchebag Ranking: 86.3)Sep 25, 2015

Who has made the most money on the PGA Tour?

Career Money LeadersRANKRANK LAST WEEKPLAYER NAME11Tiger Woods22Phil Mickelson33Dustin Johnson44Jim Furyk110 more rows

What is Ricky Barnes doing now?

Richard Kyle Barnes (born February 6, 1981) is an American professional golfer who currently plays on the PGA Tour.

Did Jason Dufner lose his PGA card?

Jason Dufner (154th) — Jason Dufner closed with a 63 on Sunday and tied for 24th at the Wyndham, but it was only his 15th made cut in 29 starts this season and just his second top-25 finish. Dufner won the Memorial in 2017, but that exemption only ran through this season.

How much does Tiger Woods caddie earn?

Former PGA Tour caddie Alfred “Rabbit” Dyer says that caddies may earn salaries of $2,000 per week, while “Forbes” magazine reports that PGA Tour caddies typically receive about $1,000 each week. The magazine said in a 2007 article that Steve Williams, then caddying for Tiger Woods, earned $1.27 million in 2006.

Who is the richest caddy in golf?

Why Do They Earn So Much?Search Search in Rank Caddy Name Player Name Yearly Payout for 2020RankCaddy NamePlayer Name1Jimmy JohnsonJustin Thomas2Jonathan JakovacCollin Morikawa3Austin JohnsonDustin Johnson12 more rows

How much did Tiger pay Steve Williams?

During his time caddying for Tiger Woods, Steve earned at least $12 million in bonuses and salary alone. Tiger also reportedly gave Steve 10 vehicles that were won at tournaments.

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