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Is Adhir Kalyan British?

Adhir Kalyan (born 4 August 1983) is a South African actor noted for his role as Timmy in the CBS sitcom Rules of Engagement and as Awalmir Karimi/’Al’ in United States of Al….Adhir KalyanNationalitySouth AfricanOccupationActorYears active2004–presentSpouse(s)Emily Wilson ​ ( m. 2016)​3 more rows

Is Timmy from Rules of Engagement Indian?

‘The United States of Al’ was given a pilot production commitment in October. LOS ANGELES: Indian-origin actor Adhir Kalyan is set to star in Chuck Lorre’s CBS comedy pilot ‘The United States of Al’. … Kalyan is best known for playing Timmy Patel in ‘Rules of Engagement’ for five seasons.4 Dec 2019

How many languages does Adhir Kalyan speak?

Kalyan has an impressive command of languages and accents. He speaks both Afrikaans and French, and has wide range of accents including British, South African, Middle Eastern, Indian, Pakistani, Scottish, French and Australian, as well as several American accents.

How did Adhir Kalyan meet his wife?

The two first met in 2010 when Emily auditioned to play Adhir’s girlfriend on Rules of Engagement. Following the audition, Adhir asked Emily out for tea, but she was in a relationship with someone else.1 Apr 2021

Where is Adhir Kalyan now?

Born and raised in Durban, South Africa, Kalyan currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife.

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Who plays Al’s sister on United States of Al?

Meet the actress behind the role of Hassina: Sitara Attaie. According to her IMDb page, some of the projects she’s acted in aside from United States of Al include Homeland, Stumptown, and Mars Home Planet.

What else did Adhir Kalyan play?

FilmographyKnown For. Rules of Engagement Timmy Patel (2009-2013)Paul Blart: Mall Cop Pahud (2009)Youth in Revolt Vijay Joshi (2009)Up in the Air Irate IT (2009)Actor. United States of Al Al (2021-2022)The Goldbergs Dodd Wembley (2020)Chemical Hearts Kem Sharma (2020)A Nice Girl Like You Paul Goodwin (2020)More items…

Why did Rules of Engagement go off the air?

“The only reason we ended up in the Thursday slot was because another show was tanking and they were desperately in need of us. It’s been a real rocky road for the show. The first season, we only did seven episodes. … At that point, they wished they had more episodes.

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